My 4 year Olds dreads 

My daughter aliyah is a hippie at heart. Loves the outside, would rather be outside than inside, doesn’t like to wear clothes or shoes,  and loves dreads! 

She kept asking me if she could have dreads and I hesitated because of how many people would see her as “dirty.” so I waited a few months and then she asked again. So I said yes and dreaded her hair! 

 so its been great having her hair dreaded, and she loves it. She is also in preschool and I told her teacher that she wanted them and the teacher was really supportive. 

Well aliyah gets off her bus last week and tells me that her teacher checked her hair. I was like “oh! Cool. So did they do the other kids hair too?”  she said nope just mine. So I got a little offended. Did they check her just because she has dreads? Or was she scratching and they got worried? I guess I will find out when I see the teacher this week. 


New to word!

A friend turned me to word press. I think its wonderful!  I’m going to have lots of dread information , pictures, videos, all of it! I’m super excited!