Crazy,busy,but beautiful!!

Ive been a little behind on my life lately!! Going through divorce is hard. The worst part is that I have to share my kids. I think they need time with their dad, I just have a hard time being without them 3 days a week. My 10 year old is the age where she knows where she wants to be. It sucks because she has no say, I hear her, but can’t change it. One day though she will stick up for herself And say what she needs to. Till that day comes I will keep supporting her and helping her through 💜 my 5 year old doesn’t really care either way. She loves spending time with both mom and dad and I maker sure to keep her spirits up, she’s a strong little monkey.😂  Through all of this mess I found my soulmate. Ill do an interview so you can get to know him! He decided to start his beard over, and I started half my head of dreads over, so we could start over together💙. This man treats me like I am his world, and loves me for the person I am. I don’t have to change, and of course I am an immature chick that likes to play and have lick wars. If you find that special person, that treats you like you are their world, takes care of you, plays with you, and makes sure you are taken care of…never let them go. My man wants to marry my crazy ass, and ive never been so loved in my life 😍.


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