Interviews! Part Angie!

​Have you ever met someone and instantly clicked? I have! This girl lives in Canada, and even though she lives so far, we click. We can talk for hours, we have kids, we are married, we share the same medical issues, and we share the love of dreads! I asked for an interview and of course she agreed because well….we click or something. 😛 meet Angie! 

RDC: How long have you had dreads?

Angie:2 years

RDC:  Why did you get them?
Angie: I had always wanted them but was afraid I would have to shave my head to get rid of them when i was finished. then a friend gave me a set of synthetic ones and installed them for me.

RDC: that’s so awesome! how does your family like them? 

AngieIt’s not my husbands favourite but I’ve always played with my hair so he’s used to it. Everyone else seems to like them and think they suit me.

RDC: they totally do!

Angie: The general consensus now is I look weird when my extensions aren’t in.

RDC: Right! What do they mean to you?
Angie: Independence. Having unique hair makes me feel like me.

RDC: aw!! Are they real? Or synthetic? 

Angie: Heh. Synthetic or wool.

RDC: do they affect you at work?
Angie: Not in the slightest. I put them in just before I got hired at my retail job. I also work at a big Halloween attraction where they are very accepting of all looks and styles. As a doula I think they just give me a memorable look.

RDC: I love it! What is the most asked question about them?
Angie:”Are they real?” Or “are they heavy?”

RDC: what would you say to someone thinking about getting dreads?

Angie : do iiiit!

RDC: Hahahha! If your kids wanted dreads, would you let them?
Angie: Yes once they’re old enough to take care of them and understand the commitment. (Makes it sound like getting a pet)

RDC: ha! Totally, 😛 any advice to give? 
Angie: Since I don’t have “real” dreads I can only base it on what I hear but I would say “be patient”.

Angie is one of the bajillion (not real numbers😂) of dreaddies that will tell you to be patient. It is important! Dreads change so much during their lifetime on the head that you have to be patient. They don’t become perfect after day one. But each head of dreads are unique, and that’s how you can show off how badass they are! 
Thanks so much for reading.❤


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