Hey! Im Ivy!

I got so excited about starting up this page that I never posted about who I am! Im Ivy 😁 and yes I love emojis 😝. I kind of feel like they show my personality.  Silly faces and zoned out looks are my usual! Anyways in high school I worked at Mcdonald’s for 4 years, and met this really cute guy that I was all drooly over. Well I fell in love with that boy, married him, and now 12 years later (in november) we are still madly in love, have two kids, one dog, one guinea pig, two lizards, a mouse that lives in the wall, and of course the spider that lives outside the door eating all the bugs that come in. My husband hasn’t named him yet, hes thinking. Maybe you guys can find a good name!

Anyway! I have had my dreads for 3 years (in December)  i spend a lot of time on them. I dreaded my daughter aliyah’s hair a couple months ago. She’s four. She is my little tomboy, she likes bugs, outside, video games, and is rough like a boy. My older daughter is 10, shes into movies, makeup,  the internet, and being dramatic! Haha!

I started dreads because I just one day got really into them! I looked at you tube, Pinterest,  everything you can think of. Then I decided to make some synthetic dreads and braid them in. It was the coolest thing! I loved them! My mom said she didn’t like them but dealt with it Lol. I told her hey! They just braid in! After about a year my mom said. “They would loomed better if they were real” so thats when is started my dreadlocks journey. I still am obsessed with dreads and make and sell all kinds of stuff. I also dread hair and do maintenance. So awesome!

Thats me! I also have Instagram:redhead_dreadhead_creationz 

Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/dreadedmamajenn


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