My love for dreads

About 3 years ago, I realized how much I hated my straight hair. I couldn’t do anything with it or curl it because it did what it wanted! So I started doing research on different hair styles and dreadlocks popped up! So I did my research….ALWAYS do your research! So I brought it up to my mom and she said she hated the idea. So then I got to thinking what if I made dreads that you can stick in your hair! Now that’s where double ended,single ended, extensions that kinda thing come in! I watched tons of Youtube videos and googled my ass off! I got to work making my double ended dreadlocks and I braided them in. Then showed my mom. My mom wasn’t thrilled but it was a win since I could just unbraid them to get them out.  After about a year later my mom looked at me and said, You should just dread your own hair.  It would look a lot better I think.

I immediately freaked out and went home and started dreading my hair! 

I have a huge love for dreads. I make synthetic, wool, and real hair dreads. I also dread sets of dreads, and attach and detach extensions .  I will include a picture of my almost 3 year dreads!



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